Mind Mapping and Transforming Learning

The term has passed in a bit of a blur for the team managing the BYO classrooms.  There have been challenges, triumphs and steady progress.  At the heart of what we do each day in every classroom is to support and enable learning.  We know what makes a difference to learning and we believe that technology, when used appropriately, can accelerate this learning.

Mind mapping is an example of a learning strategy that can make a difference to learning. By visually mapping and organising their thoughts and ideas, student’s understanding can be enhanced and accelerated.   By using a tool like “Inspiration” or “Popplet” students can then add audio or text or images. They can rearrange their ideas and use this to communicate them to others.

This is a clear example of technology use that is transformative.  By this we mean that through the use of technolgy, we can work in such a way that simply would not have been possible without the technology.   In being able to include audio and in being able to view the mind map in two different ways – outline view and diagram view – we are transforming the experiences for our young learners.

Here are some mind maps created by Year 5 over the last 2 weeks as they went about researching structural adaptations in animals which survive in arctic and desert environments.










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