Advertising in Year 4

The use of the personal devices has opened up scope for the students in Year 4 within their current English unit.

Studying the genre of advertising, the Year 4 students focus on the use of persuasive elements to communicate their message.

Using their own devices at numerous points in their learning has given the students the opportunity to practise what they are learning, to view others’ attempts, to provide feedback, to receive feedback and then to make their next attempt even better.

It is also impressive that the students have many options to enable them to convey their message.  The first student, for example, who is quite an artist, has chosen to hand-draw each of the frames and then to use an app to animate her frames.  She has then added audio.  The second student has worked within iMovie to create her ad and used a number of the effects within iMovie to assist in the persuasive aspect.  The third student has used an inbuilt theme within iMovie to convey his message.



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