MakerSpace Learning Paths for Prep – Year 3 Students

Our MakerSpace has seen several prototypes with our journey being profiled on this separate page of this blog.   Term 3 in the Library at Oakleigh SS was a busy one with Book Week and support for entries in theYoung ICT Explorers and there was a absence of structure in our MakerSpace during this term.  This does not have to be a bad thing however,  as sometimes this allows ideation and iteration and also the space for children to show the way with the next possible pathway.

So, with an endless amount of enthusiasm bubbling over from our younger learners and with the constant questions, requests and clear desire to use, build and design, our next prototype aims to support students to ‘badge’ their way through their own learning pathways.  The tasks will be displayed on posters with the headings below.  The students will wear a ‘lanyard’ on which they will have stamps added each time they can achieve or show a task.

Students completing each of the tasks can be badged as a ‘coach’ and assist others to learn and progress.