Why Yr 6 Classrooms Should Have 3D Printers

by LUKA – Year 5

Year 6 classrooms should come equipped with 3d printers and computers because the software you use to design models is educational but it is also a lot of fun to learn about how to 3D print!

Now as a student,  things can sometimes get a little bit boring but by having 30 min breaks (and doing something interesting), this can stimulate and inspire the learner – as scientists have proven that breaks of this time will allow you to have the longest attention span following the break.    3D printing – and checking on how your print is going could allow kids to have this kind of a break.


Also, 3D printing and the software you use involves lots of maths, science and common sense (which will be good for some for people).

I have taught a class of students from younger grades to design and print in 3D and after a few lessons they were able to use different apps and software to design models –

  • TinkerCAD,
  • Morphi,
  • 2 apps from AutoDesk.

Having four programs to 3d print is fantastic and these students had so much fun quote – one quote was  “the process is long but fun!” and “Thanks for the help but I’ve got it now.” So, with feedback like this – we need to keep going with it!


Now of course there are challenges –  you can get burnt but it is very minor if this happens and it doesn’t last long.  Sometimes having a slight sense of danger can be good for kids as this might prompt them to not be silly or to muck around.  We would suggest though to keep the burns from happening you should have teachers watching or experts students in charge or supervising.

All in all, I find 3D printing a good and fun way to let imagination and smarts be free-flowing.   So, these are just a few of the reasons I think we should have a few new laptops or computers and 3D printers in classrooms from 2017 onwards.