Staff Learning – Digital Technologies

Today’s staff learning, with regard to the Digital Technologies Curriculum,  was focussed on:

  • Revisiting the intent of the Curriculum
  • Looking at where we are at and the experiences that some staff have had designing and implementing activities related to the visual programming aspects of the curriculum
  • Revisiting our priority re alignment with other curriculum areas
  • Time to use the tools displayed on our poster below

To start the session, we used one of the videos created by Adelaide University’s as part of their CSER MOOCs.   This served to focus our attention and to remind our teachers of the clear intent of this curriculum.

We then talked about classroom activities lately that have been excellent examples of alignment between Digital Technologies and other areas of the curriculum.    This included areas of Geography and Mathematics across Yrs 2-4.

The teachers then explored tools relevant to their year level as displayed in the poster below.  This included:

  • BeeBots for Prep with various mats allowing for cross curricular exploration
  • BlueBots for Year 1 with a maze building and coding activity
  • A mapping activity in Year 2
  • Probots and geometry and measurement in Yr 3
  • Scratch Jn for Prep – Year 3
  • Scratch for Yrs 4-6

Finally, the staff took away laminated cards of terminology to display on their classroom walls – as a means of ensuring consistency is reached across the school in this area.