Oakleigh SS – DigiTech by Design, 2017

We held our annual Digital Technologies Event on 1 June, this year titled ‘DigiTech by Design’.  We were lucky enough to have James Curran with us this year – presenting a brief keynote on the curriculum.  Anna Kinnane, from Digital Strategies at QCT then presented followed by me (our journey as a school) and then Chantelle – with a picture of a unit from start to finish in Year 5.   Our aim with this session was to present a ‘Macro-Micro’ view of the curriculum, starting with the original vision from the Curriculum writers right down to how it looks in a classroom.

The presentation by Chantelle and I – which was similar to the ones presented in Melbourne at the Criterion Conference on Digital Technologies:

There were two rounds of workshops to support teachers in the development of practical skills and  a mindset that supported the implementation of this future’s oriented curriculum.
This included:
  • Assessment from QCAA
  • Data in the Upper Primary classroom with Zac Bayliss
  • Design – Prototyping for a more inclusive city.
  • Scratch coding
  • Lego WeDO
  • IPads and Digital Technologies
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • Junior Coding