Digital Solutions

As a school we are in a year of implementing and assessing one part of the Digital Technologies Curriculum.    After a year of exploration in 2016, we decided as a staff to implement and assess one aspect of the Processes and Productions Skills strand in 2017 – that part to do with computational thinking and the design of a solution to a problem.

Each year level has had half a day planning with an additional half day for the Key Teacher – Digital Technologies, to fine-tune the assessment Guide to Making Judgements.     During this professional learning opportunity, our groups:

  • engaged with the curriculum
  • accessed resources that were available to assist them to teach this curriculum
  • had time to brainstorm an assessment task which was as a result of looking for alignment between Digital Technologies and another area of the curriculum

We are still in the midst of the ‘fine-tuning’ part of this process.  We are however, quite happy with the overview of the Digital Solutions that have been proposed by our teams.   They suit our context and are meaningful to our learners which is an important aspect to include.   Additionally, there is room for growth next year when we include other aspects of the Curriculum including that of Systems Thinking.

The poster below depicts the activity and also the types of hardware and /or software or apps which may be used in the assessment or in the lead up to the assessment.