Exploding Dots & Binary

Mr Bayliss has taught his Math’s group the concept of Exploding Dots and to allow them to consolidate their understanding and for assessment purposes, he organised that they teach the concept to other students.  This included classes of students from Yr 1 up to Yr 6.   For those who wish to know more about the global roots of this exploding dots concept – try reading this article here.  It basically presents as a way of promoting change in the way teachers and students think about math – as it shares an interesting and open-ended vision of mathematics.  A quote from the above article is here:

One thing I love about Exploding Dots is that it’s not an algorithm. You don’t have a list of steps to follow in a prescribed order; what you have instead are options and opportunities. It’s a garden of forking and merging paths that all miraculously converge to the same final answer. The human spirit requires that kind of freedom, especially the spirits of young, learning humans.

It’s also extremely interesting as a way of approaching a playful exploration of base two when thinking about or teaching binary within the Digital Technologies Curriculum to allow students to be a bit playful when working to understand positional representation.

Here’s a couple of other students demonstrating the concept: