Connecting and Prototyping Kits

Prototyping/Connecting Kits are now available for our teachers to use within their STEAM units.  A prototype is an early model and can be used to test or pitch early ideas. Generally a designer will build a prototype cheaply and quickly, aiming to use it to get feedback supporting them to then continue refining and modifying.

We have just put together some kits, designed to provide teachers with a set of materials that are easily utilised for students to create a simple, rapid prototype that represents their design ideas. Consisting of some simple craft materials they can be used to create the first iteration which can be built upon throughout this phase.  Alternatively, they could be used to represent their ideas during the connecting phase in an activity like MudMapping.

The kits are easily transported to classrooms and then easily restocked after they have been used:

They are stored within our STEAM space within our Library – amidst the trolleys that can be used by teachers for whatever purpose is appropriate.