In empowering our community of learners, Oakleigh State School believes firmly in the importance of embedding technology into learning. Effective learning is complex and at Oakleigh State School, it is the continuous dynamic interaction between educators, parents, students and our extended community that results in powerful learning that drives us towards our vision. Technology plays a vital role in this interaction and has the potential to transform the teacher from a director of learning to a facilitator of learning. Additionally, in preparing students for their futures, technology empowers students to maximise their full potential, enabling global connections and collaboration. We are committed to supporting our students to leverage technology in such considered and powerful ways so that the development of the skills and attributes of today’s learner are a priority. Please note that this policy works in conjunction with Education Queensland’s BYOx Policy which can be found at https://byox.eq.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx

Oakleigh’s journey is included on this site as a case study.


The BYO Program at Oakleigh State School has resulted from a journey of strategic decision making combined with knowledge of worldwide educational research and trends. The school has an excellent record of use with technology. In 2016, Oakleigh State School was included in the Educator Magazine’s Innovative Schools’ list. This list recognises schools in Australia which have ‘introduced an innovative edge in everything they do, from pedagogy to technology and all aspects of K-12 education.’ (Educator Magazine, September 2016, P 21) Our school’s inclusion in this list includes recognition for our early adoption of the Digital Technologies Curriculum – fast tracked by Education QLD Schools from 2016, with Oakleigh State School being identified as an Early Launch School. Known as a National leader in this space, members of Oakleigh’s leadership and teaching team are regularly asked to speak at a regional, state and National level about the school’s experiences with this curriculum.