On the Oakleigh STEAM Train

We will be holding a community sharing and celebration event in Term 3 titled “On the Oakleigh STEAM Train”.  This will be an opportunity for our community to see the learnings associated with our 2018 STEAM units that our teachers have designed.  With our STEAM vision being designed and published as a result of community collaboration in 2017, we see this as an exciting way to ‘bring this vision to life’.

Our teachers enjoyed the opportunity to prototype each of the design as part of their STEAM units during a staff meeting recently.  This included robotic vehicles that would ‘push or pull’ and clear a disaster zone,  a Yr 3 garden that will showcase designs aimed at providing a sensory experience,  a Yr 6 Fashion Show of items that represent Asian cultures which include some wearable technology and some interactive technologies designed to educate our community about sustainability.

We look forward to sharing more news as the units progress.